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The Top 5 Kitchen Appliance In 2017

Over the past years, there are big changes with how technology made food preparation and cooking easy. With the use of modern kitchen appliances, time and effort are saved. It diminishes the length of time spent in the kitchen when cooking.

Commonly, most familiar kitchen appliances that can be found in an interior are refrigerators, food cabinet/storage, dishwashers and stove for cooking. These equipment are the first essential preferred appliance within the kitchen.

Choosing your home kitchen appliance is likely interesting. First considering the quality of the unit before making a purchase. It’s important you’ll make sure that you get the most out of your expense. These incorporate the brand, style, and quality. Second, you might think of what should suit your lifestyle and needs. Lastly, the benefit it offers as well as the convenience.

There has been a great demand for modern kitchen appliances today. And manufacturers, on the other hand, attend to offer not only the best but also a reliable kitchen resources to suffice our needs.

Here we gather the top 5 trends of today’s kitchen appliance to help you find what you are looking for in your kitchen along with the super smart technologies:

Bosch SHE3AR76UC Recessed Handle Ascenta Dishwasher

Looking for an easy to use and quiet dishwasher? This dishwasher includes 18 unique sound-reducing property making it the quietest dishwasher brand in the US. It also has a 24/7 overflow protection system to get rid of water leaks. If you like to be able to wash out germs and bacteria away, the “sanitize button will help you sterilize your dishes.

Brookstone Electric Wine Opener

Opening wines have never been easier. This Brookstone wine opener will surely be your next wine opener at home. It is rechargeable and can open around 50 bottles in every charge. The unit has an illuminated LED light ensuring that the unit is charging. With just a single touch, uncork your wine bottle in just a few seconds.

Atlas Electric Pasta Machine

If you are a pasta lover, you may want to check out this little machine! If you want a nearly hands-free pasta making, this machine is engineered with a motor to automatically pull out the dough through the rollers. Additionally, this device can make three different kinds of pasta in 9 thicknesses. Not only that, you can also add attachments to it to enhance your pasta making options.

Cuisinart MSC-600 Slow Cooker

The slow cooker is one of the most time-saving kitchen appliances. Not only because it is more cost effective than buying an elegant countertop oven toasters and broilers at home. If you get busy with other chores, you don’t have to worry about forgetting the meal you are cooking and getting the undesirable product on your meal.

Aside from the two basic slow cooking functions, MSC-600 offers additional features where you can saute’ the ingredients before setting to slow cooking. The cook central mode lets you steam vegetables too. This model can be set for 24-hr slow cooking and in about 30 minutes quickly.

Hamilton Beach 25475 Breakfast Sandwich Maker

There’s nothing more important than a breakfast meal before heading to work or school. Good thing Hamilton Beach has made an easy way to prepare your breakfast sandwich as quickly as you can. Layer the ingredients of your choice on the fixings and get a perfectly assembled sandwich in just 5 minutes or less.

hamilton beach sandwich maker

LG’s Super Thin W7 OLED Wallpaper TV

With the latest OLED TV model LG unveils, what else can we imagine for future home entertainment televisions? With just 2.6 mm thick, you will definitely have a lovely view on your wall at home. Thumbs up to LG Electronics making this ultra thin TV a promising device. A great appliance also helping you organize things at home. Plus, giving you the extreme cinema-quality experience.

Special Features:

  • Thin and light. Simply stunning.
  • Perfect Cinematic Color.
  • Active HDR with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for picture quality.
  • Big screen sound, bringing theater at home.
  • Brilliant HDR content.
  • WebOS 3.5 Smart TV that comes with a magic remote.

This time, the W7 OLED TV offers consumers something different. It can’t be put into a platform and let it stand itself. Instead, it needs to be attached to a flat wall by a magnet.

The W7 series comes with the 2-piece components: The super thin screen, and the separate sound bar that comes with a Dolby Atmos. The sound bar houses the power supply and other internals to make the device good to go. For the sound bar, you need to have a separate buffet to hold it just below the device attached to the wall.

A ribbon cable connects the two components. It conveys data from TV’s HDMI and different connections so do with the power control. However, complete cable installation should be done by professionals. It’s better to get safe and have proper installation for a better set-up.

The Wallpaper OLED TV W7 series by LG was finally launched. The series comes in two versions. The 65-inch and the 77-inch. And as we must expect, typical price is much higher as expected of course. As old versions of OLED could still cost you that much.

But before thinking about the cost lets take a look at some points. For the 65-inch version, B&H online store has this for around $8,000. And 77-inch version plays around $20,000. Well, don’t know about you but pretty much expensive for me.

So what makes it so expensive though? The reason is that, not only it has an ultra slim design but also, the W7 series supports High Dynamic Range “HDR” of different types (HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG and Advance HDR). These provide higher contrast and even brighter images on the screen. Thus, bringing you the theatrical experience in your living room.

Overall, W7 OLED TV is the most surprising product this year. It pushes the market to a whole new level considering its unbeatable features in Television. Impressive design and stunning look. Probably the coolest design of OLED versions today.

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5 Amazing New Gadgets That Are Valuable

Current innovations of gadgets continued to boom in 2017. Exploration of new technology gadgets is almost unbelievable. In fact, at the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show, exhibiting companies have shown to us the never-ending possibilities of creating high-end electronic products that will make day to day endeavor as easy as it can be. Now let’s discover these five different gadgets that are helpful and valuable in our daily adventures.

Willow Breast Pump

Willow Wearable Breast Pump

This most innovative pump for working mothers these days was exhibited in the CES 2017. It has individual motors inside that mimics the sucking action of the baby, allowing the breast milk to be out. To start pumping, you need to click on the play button so the motorized pump will start pumping for you. This willow is associated with an iOS app and soon would be available in androids. The willow measures the amount of milk collected to keep track on how much milk was extracted and send the information to the app. This aids multitasking problems on breastfeeding moms.

Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera

3- by 4-Inch Polaroid Pop Digital Instant Digital Camera

Find something cool in photography with this Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Cam. This user-friendly device has a built-in printer that can also act as your phone photo printer. Recently in CES 2017, Polaroid Corporation introduces the latest Polaroid Pop with an LCD touch screen, 1080 pixel with high definition video recording and dual LED flash.

Griffin Connected Toaster

Griffin App-enabled Connected Toaster

Get rid of those over-toasted bread at home. This digital toaster works with an app via Bluetooth to help make your toasting as exactly as you wanted. You can adjust its temperature for your desired toast and the app will remind you your desired toast once set. Whether you are setting it to be darker or so, you can now achieve the perfect toast for your breakfast!

Ripple Maker

Ripple Maker – Latte Art Maker

A cup of coffee in the morning is a comforting treat of the day. Go crazy and enhance your morning coffee experience with this Ripple Maker. Experience extraordinary taste of coffee with a latte art. Selfie lover? How about putting your own selfie on your coffee cup? It’s really amazing how technology brings art to your coffee experience. This latest technology also uses app where you can customize your own taste of style and art in just a few seconds.

Pregnancy Wearables

Pregnancy Wearables

As we all know, pregnancy is crucial to women, and pregnancy outcomes are unpredictable. To pregnant women, wearables are very helpful, especially in their first trimester. It enables them to track muscle contractions and monitor the baby during pregnancy through the app. In CES 2017, Bloomlife exhibits the new technology of recording and tracking information about the mother and the baby inside the womb.


Technology has continued to inspire us with different astonishing gadgets this year. Imagine how technology simplified our lives. The invention of different tech products from all over the world has continued to surprise us. Latest innovations in technology made living the easiest way from home, office, travel needs to physical needs.

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The Match made in Heaven for kitchenware

Cooking for the family has been an old household chore. However, for working parents, cooking might be exhausting since they’ve been spending how many hours from work, especially when they are working outside which requires travel time, effort and traffic. But in reality, either cooking your own meal or cooking for your family is something you should look forward. Instead of going to the nearest fast food chains, why not spend time in your kitchen to cook healthy and delicious meals? Who would not want to eat healthily? Here are two different kitchen wares to help your cooking exciting and fast.

Secura 8100MC Portable Induction Cooktop


Secura 8100MC Portable Induction Cooktop


Looking for a convenient and powerful induction cooker? Secura 8100MC Portable Induction Cooktop will be best for you. Aside from its features, this budget-friendly cooktop is best for school dorms where students have to rush and cooking may become a burden. Students can have their quick noodle soup with this easy heating Secura 8100MC Portable Induction Cooktop. You might actually want a perfect add-on for your gas stove at home when you cook for parties and family gatherings as well. This is a perfect add-on for your kitchenware while you are enjoying no flame cooking at the same time.


Special Features Of Secura 8100MC Portable Induction Cooktop:

  • The auto pan detection automatically shuts down after 60 sec. when there is no pan/cookware detected on the Induction Cooktop. Specialized for kitchen safety.
  • It’s easy to use, easy to clean and can be easily kept in your kitchen drawer after use because it’s compact and lightweight.
  • Comes with a 6ft cord where you can move to any side of your cooking space counter as long as its 6ft away from your outlet. Just in case you might need a little more space for other cooking preparation.
  • Quick heat up. It also has an under and over voltage warnings and a diagnostic error message system.
  • The digital control panel has a built-in countdown timer with 10 different temperature levels.
  • Secura 8100MC Portable Induction Cooktop uses 120 volts and 15 amps of electricity which is standard in most homes, designated for electric home cooktops and ovens for example.
  • Its component is unique, without you worrying about breaking. It’s made up of stainless steel so you can rely on its genuine quality. Say goodbye to those rusty kitchen products that keep your kitchen dirty and gross.





Stonewares are non-stick wares which are perfect matches for an induction cooktop. And so because it is non-stick, cleaning up stonewares are much easier compared to any cookware set.

Proper cleaning of stonewares at home:

Proper cleaning of stonewares at home is important for a long term of use and best possible condition. Here’s how-

  • Be sure to let your stoneware to cool down first after use.
  • Soak in clean, hot water to smoothen that stuck-on food. Do not use detergent.
  • Use nylon scraper when scraping off smoothen stuck-on. It usually came with the stonewares you purchased.
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry them before keeping.
  • For deep cleaning, you can use a paste of ½ cup baking soda and 3 tablespoons of water. Apply the paste to the surface and let it rest for 15-20 mins. Rinse thoroughly and dry well.

Why use stonewares?

  • Stonewares come in different sizes to choose from.
  • It’s non-reactive or chemically stable unlike copper and aluminum made cookwares that produce metal when you include acidic foods into cooking.
  • Good for baking and cooking fatty foods.
  • Achieve even and efficient cooking because it distributes heat evenly to the food.
  • Stonewares are durable and can last for years.

Tip: When buying any kitchen product brands, always check the specifications of the manufacturer to ensure it does not contain lead or any other harmful effects to your health.


The 5 Best Concept Cars From 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

Consumer Electronics Show has always been the melee of electronics goods. Be that as it may, the focal point has always been on the futuristic cars. The mega event that took place in the first week of January 2017 was a hotbed of automobiles. Want to know which concept cars stole the show this year? Let us find out! 

Fiat Chrysler 

Millennials are picking up more and more jobs that are location-independent and social media dependent. Who could have thought that this lifestyle could fire up the imagination of an automaker? Well, Fiat Chrysler took it seriously and introduced millennial-inspired vehicle that adds extra ‘space’ -to blend business with pleasure.

This car is autonomous and electric, so that, you won’t be occupied with driving while working.


How about driving a car that can move- based on your perception? With BMW i Inside Future concept car, this fantasy may come true. If you are a fan of sci-fi movies, then this 4-wheeled beast is just for you.  Imagine drifting buttons over central dashboard inside a car? This can be started up by your mere finger development. The HoloActive Touch technology coupled with virtual UI (user-interface)-is the next-gen dream-machine.


In CES 2017, Hyundai has unveiled its autonomous car that is powered by two front line technologies– Ioniq and LiDAR system. While the former is based on the cruise-control methodology, the latter is focused on the detection framework. If you are still not used to USA’s complicated lane adjustment rule, then Ioniq has helping cameras, which will guide you to changing lanes- like a pro.

What set Hyundai concept car apart from other self-driving vehicles is – it’s low-on-production-cost. So it’s expected that the price of the final product will be comparatively reasonable.


Do you feel exhausted when you need to drive long and alone on a highway? Does blasting music make you awake behind the wheel? Then Toyota Concept-i should be your go-to vehicle. With this avant-garde model, Toyota has taken the Artificial Intelligence (or AI) technology to the new level. The embedded AI called Yui, that comes with Toyota Concept-i , can read your feelings and talk to you. It can fire up the music system when you are busy managing the steering.

Faraday Future

Faraday Future is the new kid on the block in this year’s CES. Its futuristic FF91 model had blown away the attendees, with its front line concept. The electric SUV has a magnificence battery reserve capacity of 13-kilowatt-hr. The charging facility ensures that the car can be started up by any charging stand- saved for Electric vehicle.

It’s commendable for a younger company such as Faraday Future to beat an established name like Tesla, in horsepower category. While with its 1,050 hp FF91 can overcome 60 mph in 2.39 seconds, Tesla PPDD100 takes 0.05 seconds more than that.

Mobility, creature comfort and hassle-free power driving are the three pillars of any concept automobile. Now it’s time to see how well these products will be acknowledged by the market, once launched. Till then, take your pick and book in advance.

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env impact

Environment Impact From Consumer Electronics

Electronic waste or e-waste is made of metallic or semi-metallic components of electronic goods. From computers to mobiles, from appliances to printers- every consumer-centered gadget is susceptible to become e-waste at the end.

Want to know more about- how it circulates, the health hazards and plausible solutions? Read on-

The Vicious Cycle

How many of us are utilizing the same mobile phone for last 5 years? Are you still adhering to the first laptop you purchased? The likelihood that the answer would be a boisterous ‘no’ is quite high. Technology is changing in a lightening speed worldwide. During the last leg of 90s, the normal age of a PC spread over around 5-6 years. In the middle of the last decade, it shrank down to 2 years average. At this moment in 2017, we can vouch for the way that the time frame narrowed down even more.

As the companies are manufacturing an ever-increasing number of devices, the collective need of the consumers is also spreading. This again pushes the brands to innovate more aggressively. So the terrible e-waste cycle is never-ending.

All-round Contamination

Each year, the approx. 40 million tons of e-waste are being discharged into the environment. The lead, nickel and other toxins pollute the landfills as well as the air. The Asian and African nations are front-runners in bearing the burden of e-waste. It’s estimated that globally, (at present) around 200 million people have the impending danger from e-waste that can be deadly in nature.

Health hazards

 The health hazard of electronic waste can be witnessed- both in human beings and additionally in animals. Living in close proximity of e-waste or working in a vulnerable area make people suffer from diabetes, cancer, and respiratory problems to name a few.

Cattles graze on the toxic grass fields. These creatures too experience lethal effects of ailments. Later, while consuming milk or meat of those animals, we, in a roundabout way, share in contaminated food source.

Threat on poor nations

E-waste has converted the developing nations into dump-yards. The first world countries supply the electronic waste to the third world countries. The latter group doesn’t have the advanced recycling process or cutting-edge disposal procedure.

Most of the times, the e-waste is expended into assembling toys or cheap plastic items. The producer country sells a part into its domestic consumer market itself. It exports the remaining to first- world. So the loop proceeds.


Responsible disposal of electronics waste is the prime task one may undertake. Rather than discarding your old gadgets, why not donate them to someone needy? Additionally nowadays, ‘recycling’ companies promoting ‘green living’ are flourishing in numbers. If you don’t know what to utiize with your old consumer electronic devices, you may contact to them.

Recycled Electronic Waste

Even some of the big corporate names are recycling and shipping outdated electronic products to the willing customers, in return of a small charge.

Before making an impulsive move to purchase the latest electronic gadget, ask yourself- where it’s going to be arranged off eventually. Few actionable plans and a pledge to confer minimal waste to earth – will go a long way.


Top 8 Vendors in the Consumer Electronics and Appliances Market

Consumer electronics (CE) and appliances market is developing by leaps and bounds around the world. According to global report, by 2020, this market will be of US$ 3 trillion in terms of value. Do you know who are the top players in CE and appliances segment? Read below-


LG Electronics

With its electronics vertical that comprises of LED TV, home appliances and smart devices, LG has generated USD$ 12 billion revenue in 2016. Do you know that in United States, 70% consumer –base has demonstrated a favorable response to LG- as their trusted CE brand?

Apple Inc.

Apple Electronics

 Sleek UI, cutting edge technology and the prestige tag – Apple Inc. offers its clients all these and more. This legendary American consumer electronics multinational has made an astounding $230 billion global deals in 2015 itself. With iPad, MAC, Apple Watch, operating systems, media player and innovative suites- Apple Inc. is a universal behemoth in this section.


Nikon Imaging Products

With its legendary F series cameras, digital photography equipment, lenses, enlargers, film cameras- Nikon is a standout amidst the most trusted names in consumer electronics classification. This Japanese multinational has secured a prestigious second position- as the most cherished camera brand in US.


Samsung Electronics

Do you know that Samsung electronics had been conferred with the title of leading smart device vendor in 2012? This South-Korean multinational has 4th biggest share in consumer gadgets showcase worldwide. Additionally by 2016, Samsung has turned into the 2nd largest tablet vendor internationally. With its solid presence in Asia and African market, Samsung is just getting bigger.

Dell Inc.

Dell Electronics

This American multination has a formidable existence in the consumer electronics vertical. By 2016, Dell Inc. has two impressive chips on its shoulders. Firstly, Dell delivers the maximum number of PC screens around the world. Furthermore, it became the 3rd biggest personal computer globally.

Koninklijke Phillips N.V

Phillips Electronics

Commonly know as Phillips, this Dutch brand is best known for its consumer electronics innovation. From iconic lightings to electric toothbrush, from coffeemaker to shaver- Phillips is preeminent in home appliance marketplace. Internationally, Phillips is the largest vendor of home lightings at present.

Canon Inc.

Canon Electronics

 When it comes to both residential and commercial consumer electronics products, Canon Inc. is supreme. Its cameras, image processing products, camcorders are celebrated all over. Moreover, Canon’s commercial electronic goodies such as scanners, projectors, X-ray devices have millions of takers on a global scale. By market growth rate, Canon Inc. is positioned as 10th largest conglomerate in Japan.

Panasonic Corporation


In 2012, consumer electronics giant Panasonic has snatched the title of 4th largest TV vendor in the international field. By 2016, this Japanese multinational has asset estimation at USD$49.81 billion. Aside from TV, Panasonic is gushed over for its camera models, headphones, mobile sets and thought books. Since 1918, Panasonic had an enviable following in CE segment.

Consumer electronics market is going through significant changes in terms of customers’ leanings, product innovations and threat. But these top global players have been consistent with their market growth over the time. If you want to buy value-for-money, branded appliances, go through the rundown and take your pick.

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Consumer Electronics Growth Rate

Whether its insipid lawn mower or that external hard drive, everything falls under consumer electronics (CE) category. Regardless of that fact of whether you are a marketing student or sales manager- it’s always wise to know the current growth rate of CE.. Let us read more about it in this article:

The Annual Growth Rate

 The CGAR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of consumers electronics market has been anticipated to be 2-4% in future. According to a report by Transparency Market Research, the CAGR would be fixed on 4% between 2014-2022 period. What will be its dollar amount? An astounding $US 1,550.34bn. The projection was made in the year 2015 and it is assumed that by 2020, the CAGR would be 22%.

The Products & Specialty

Consumer electronics market is segmented into two groups- residential and commercial products. It’s the former that is dominating the industry for most of the part. Laptop, TVs, smart phones, washing machine, and MP3 players are all that constitute the consumer electronics industry. But the industry is not static, rather than, it’s known for cannibalization. It means, sales volume of laptop decreased when with the advent of smart phone- it became easier to do all sorts of work through this handheld tiny device.

 The Increasing Demand

 Form North America to Africa- the demand for consumer electronics gadgets have been phenomenal all around. There are couples of reasons behind it- the disposable income is growing among the middle-class consumers. Along with it, better standard of living and aspirational lifestyle is also on the rising curve. Lastly, technology has created niche markets, latent needs and focused on untapped market segment.

The Key Markets

 The key players in consumer electronics market are- LG, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Nikon to name a few. Studying the consumer electronics market is quite intriguing. As the sector is spreading in a breakneck speed, interesting shifting is taken place within the industry itself. While the last decade (or the decade before that) saw the West, to remain the hotbed of innovation, the future will be of Asia’s. But while the western CE market is driven by technical advancement; the Asian market demands cutting-edge features in low price.

The Future

 The future of consumer electronics is an exciting situation to predict. One thing is for sure though; it’s only going to grow by 12.5% rate from 2016 to 2021. But some key changes will take place. Smart device, IoT (Internet of Things) and virtual reality will rule the roost when it comes predominant technologies. Also markets like China and India will be the dominant consumer bases in the coming decade.

The Threat

But the whole picture won’t be so rosy. The easily expendable technology, narrow life span for goods, oscillating economy, political situation and currency value shall be the hovering factors. It will be interesting to see- how consumer electronics behemoths face these challenges head-on.

Consumer electronics market is showing no sign to stop. As economic and political situation is under weather world-over right now, the market may show a little slump. But there is no doubt that, it will again pick up the pace fast.


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Cuisinart HSM-70 Power Advantage Mixer

Cuisinart HSM-70 Power Advantage Mixer Review

The Cuisinart HSM-70 Power Advantage Mixer is a 7-speed handheld and stand mixer that is powered by 220 watts. It comes with a tough 3-1/2 quart stainless steel bowl and LED display. It has a 1-step power switch and smooth start function. The head tilts back and there is an easy release button. Parts are dishwasher safe and include flat beaters, dough hooks, and a chef’s whisk. The instruction book also comes with recipes.

The unit measures 17-4/5 x 11-4/5 x 10-1/5 inches and weighs 8.3 pounds. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

It functions as a handheld and a stand mixer which makes it very versatile in the kitchen. The bowl spins on a turntable to ensure that all ingredients get thoroughly mixed. The LED display is clear and shows which of the 7 speeds you are using. The design looks sleek and hip with a chrome-plated Cuisinart logo band.


The one touch speed control lets you change speeds instantly even while you are already mixing something, users find this very convenient and makes the mixer easy to use. The rotating swivel cord can be positioned for either left or right hand use. This is something that lefties really like about this mixer. The beater release lever is conveniently located and is easy to eject when changing between beaters, dough hooks and whisks.

The stand is extra sturdy and lets the mixer rest squarely on your kitchen counter according to some reviews. Many users said that the batter comes out completely smooth and there is no need for additional beating or manual mixing. A lot of people also said that it works quietly but is also very powerful. They also noticed that they don’t get any splatters on the kitchen counter.

Aside from being an efficient mixer, it is also very affordable. Many buyers said that a good mixer like this one usually goes for hundreds of dollars.


Some users say that the unit is powerful but the design of the stand and mixer don’t make it as effective as it should be. According to some people, it is better as a handheld mixer than a stand mixer. Another review said that while kneading dough for bread, the Cuisinart HSM-70 Power Advantage Mixer suddenly began to smoke and eventually just died in the middle of mixing.

The whisk attachment, according to a review, scrapes the bottom heavily and results in black particles scraped off the bottom of the bowl. The user said that it was a possibly fine metal powder that came from the bowl.

If you want a handheld and stand mixer powerful enough to take on the toughest dough, then the Cuisinart HSM-70 Power Advantage Mixer might be just the thing for you. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a powerful stand mixer. This one is a versatile mixer that can also be handheld. The bowl is also offset which prevents the need for side-scraping. You can even use this mixer to make mashed potatoes. It is versatile, tough and gets the job done for less than a hundred dollars.